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Mastering the art of good recruitment for a good future

TRech International keeps on expanding, after launching our Solutions for Agencies and Companies, we are now opening the doors to collaborate with Schools - What does that mean?

In the Digital Ecosystem there is an imperative need to train individuals about recruitment processes, current Studies in Human Resources, Business Management, Sales, Marketing or Tech do not include modules to support those Skills.

This is why TRech is partnering with Universities, Business Schools, and other Education Entities. We provide Conferences, Workshops & Modules of Content with the aim of:

  • Give visibility to the demanded Recruitment and Talent Acquisition careers

Most professionals in the industry "felt" into Recruitment or Talent Acquisition and the passion for it "grew" in the job. Giving training and first hand insights to students about these high remunerated career, will help close the gap in the Talent shortage.

  • Improve the job placement rate of students after completing their Degrees

The demand for these professionals will make the new generation's rate of securing a job after completing their studies higher, to those who receive the training.

  • Equip the future Workforce, Leaders and Entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge about growth

In most roles now a days you will take part in the selection and hiring process of new staff, whether you are dedicated to it, you become a Hiring Manager or an Entrepreneur - you will put those skills into practise, while lacking this knowledge could cost you growth in your career and or business.

  • Ensure that today's education is in line with the market expectations

Talent shortage does not drop companies expectations when hiring, therefore being in line with demanded skills, specially within the Digital & Tech industry, is a must for any entity in the Education Sector.

If you want to know more about adding a Conference, Workshop or Modules of Content to your programme, get in touch with our Operations Partner, Elsa Galera:



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