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Solutions d'entreprise

Nous avons créé trois solutions de base pour répondre aux besoins des entreprises

Working in Office


 Investing in leadership training is an investment in your company's future. It improves employee retention, enhances performance and increases market competitiveness.

With this training programme you make sure that your Leaders are equipped to Develop & Coach teams while Managing Performance.

  • 25 hours programme with access to eLearning

  • Live Sessions can be delivered Onsite or Online.

  • 1 on 1 coaching available on demand.

Diversity & Inclusion

DEI training will help you to attract, find and hire diverse talent but also to build and embed an overall company culture of DEI. 

In the context of the workplace, diversity equals representation. Without inclusion, however, the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage their participation, foster innovation, and lead to business growth won't happen.


  • 10 hours programme with access to eLearning

  • Live Sessions can be delivered Onsite or Online.

Office Meeting
Colleagues at Work


We offer a set of training modules, designed for HR, Talent Acquisition, People Teams and Hiring Managers.

Upskilling them to take ownership on their recruitment lifecycle, streamline their hiring process, improve their efficiency in talent attraction, save time, money,  resources and still recruit the best Talent & boost confidence and loyalty through continuous learning .

  • 6 available modules of 10 hours each

  • Live Sessions can be delivered Onsite or Online.

  • 1 on 1 coaching available on demand.


Recrutement et rétention D&I, révision des politiques de l'entreprise, appartenance, etc...


ATS, CRM, Compensation & Benefits, Job boards et autres plateformes et licences.


Agences de recrutement, RPO, pigistes, assistance juridique et autres prestataires de services.


Stratégies d'expansion, Examen des packages de rémunération, Alignement de la culture, etc.


Grâce à notre savoirdge et réseau, chez TRech, nous pouvons vous conseiller sur les bons partenaires et logiciels pour votre entreprise. En fonction de vos besoins et de votre budget, trouvez le match parfait !
Nous fournissons également des conseils sur les DEI, l'expansion, les packages de rémunération, etc.


Colleagues Brainstorming


Business Owner

The training allowed us to rethink our internal practises by professionalizing them and making them more efficient, we now feel prepared to attract the best candidates of the market.

Working from Home

Thanks to their long experience in recruitment, the TRech team provided us with a methodology, advice, and models that were directly applicable throughout our recruitment process.

Business lady

They understand what you really need and offer excellent approaches and solutions to issues one may face, all of that while making you feel at easy. I highly recommend their Leadership Programme.

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