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Agency Solutions

We have created three core Solutions to cater for Recruitment Agencies


TRech Academy

Our Academy 6 weeks training program is ideal for your new hires.

We make it part of your On-Boarding experience, and will enable your business to accelerate the performance of your latest hires, saving the cost of an internal L&D Structure, making sure the productivity of your Senior Recruiters is not affected by being involved in the training of rookies.

Overall contributing to a more optimal ROI.

Work Colleagues

TRech Upskilling

Our Upskilling programmes are designed for Agencies looking to enrich their Consultants with new skills, optimize their expertise and their performance.  

The training is a hands-on, scenario-based workshop models filled with practical exercises, intensive case-study problem-solving, and best-practices sharing that helps recruitment professionals boost their skills and develop more effectively in your organization. 


TRech Accelerate

Our students in the TRech Training program will complete the course with an internship in order to put in practice everything they have learnt.

Be one of our partners and gain access to freshly trained Recruiters who will help you boost your business results and grow faster.

Once you are impressed by their abilities, you will have priority to offer them a permanent place in your firm.

Online and/or onsite training

Group & 1 on 1 sessions

Perm, Contract & RPO

Mix of theory and practice

Full 360 Lifecycle Recruitment