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Company Solutions

We have created three core Solutions to cater for Companies

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Own Your TRech

This solution is designed for companies willing to: Take ownership on their  recruitment lifecycle. Improve their efficiency in talent attraction and recruitment processes. Save time, money and resources and still recruit the best Talent. We will train and coach your Hiring Managers , Stakeholders and/or HR on a range of practical modules that are easy to apply.

Enhance  your recruitment processes, improve the quality of your hires, ace your employer branding and boost your employees confidence with the right skillset. 

Work Colleagues

TRech Upskilling/Reskilling

This program is designed for Companies looking to enrich their staff with new skills, optimize their expertise and their performance within Talent Acquisition.

It is statistically proven that employees who receive continuous learning and development are more loyal and perform better.

This training is made of different modules and can be tailored to some of your specific needs. It can be delivered for Groups as well as 1 on 1 coaching sessions.


TRech Accelerate

Our students in the TRech Training program will complete the course with an internship in order to put in practice everything they have learnt.

Be one of our partners and gain access to freshly trained Recruiters who will help you boost your business results and grow faster.

Once you are impressed by their abilities, you will have priority to offer them a permanent place in your firm.


Online and/or onsite training

Group & 1 on 1 sessions

Relationship Management & Communication

Mix of theory and practice

Inbound & Outbound Recruitment