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Open Workshops

We run regular workshops on specific topics to improve core Leadership, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, Sales, Soft Skills or Diversity & Inclusion, in the form of online group sessions.

Business Discussion

TRech Coaching

Designed for individuals within the field of Leadership, Recruitment, HR or Talent Acquisition, who want to step up by getting tailored coaching to reach their goals.


Young Businesswoman

Each session represented a moment of true growth thanks to Sara's brilliant suggestions that translated into daily applicable exercises and, as a result, in new approaches to my work life. 

Sara gave me the necessary tools for better understanding how to work in a team while empowering myself towards thoughtful leadership. 

I would recommend Sara to anyone striving for personal and professional development.

Sara provided me the tools I needed to improve my soft skills and professional growth. Our meetings have been enjoyable because of her kindness and empathy, allowing me to feel free to express myself.

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