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TRech International

During our years of experience in Tech Recruitment and Services, we have experienced firsthand the challenges of Talent Attraction in the Tech Ecosystem across the Globe. Having worked with established corporations and startups, every company has their growth at stake due to the available Talent vs the High Demand. 

Increasingly for the past years the need for Talent Acquisition Specialists and  Recruiters have skyrocketed, making the current climate unsustainable, how could we tackle the high demand of professionals with a lack of professional to attract them?


This is why, it came quite natural to us the idea to change the approach, instead of sourcing professionals for our clients … we want to work alongside Companies, Agencies, Schools and Individuals to help them develop and improve skills, processes, quality, maximizing performance and ROI.  

We have designed a range of services and live training programs to cater for all parties involved in the recruiting lifecycle, with the mission of shaping the future of Recruitment.  


Learn more about us on our Bio section and keep up with our views in our Blog 


OUR Core Values

We practice what we preach


Tech is at the front of what we do and of who we are. It is essential for us to keep up with the
market trends and needs.


A high sense of service is what has made us successful individually and keeps us thriving together.


We would not be able to strive for greatness without maintaining an ethical approach.


Trustworthy, long term and steady relations is a promise to our students & clients.


Believing in our capabilities and expertise while being aware of the challenges is essential for our team.





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