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Maximise your Potential

Enhance your Soft Skills with our Exclusive Training

We are thrilled to unveil a dynamic series of Continuous Development Workshops meticulously crafted to elevate your Soft Skills. Designed exclusively for experienced professionals.

These engaging training sessions will be conducted online, offering you a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for propelling your personal and professional growth.


Delve into proven techniques that will empower you to navigate your career journey with confidence and finesse. Join us on this transformative learning experience, where success is not just a destination but a continuous journey of improvement.


            Dates & Times:

Workshop: Stakeholder & Conflict Management (5 hours)
  • 20th & 27th of February 2024
  • From 5pm to 7.30pm (CET)

Workshop: Communication & Negotiation (5 hrs)
  • 16th & 23rd of April 2024
  • From 5pm to 7.30pm (CET)

Workshop: Personal Branding & Networking (5 hrs)
  • 17th & 24th of September 2024
  • From 5pm to 7.30pm (CET)

Workshop Time Management & Productivity (5 hrs)
  • 19th & 26th of November 2024
  • From 5pm to 7.30pm (CET)

Price : 450 EUR per participant per Workshop
*Please let us know if you have a discount code when you sign up.
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Don't miss out this opportunity to enhance your skills
and drive success !

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*Limited seats (up to 10 participants per session)


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What they say about TRech Trainings : 

“Very interactive training, my skills have definitely improved after completing the programme. It has key content and the right duration.”
- Training Attendant

5 out of 5, content is very relevant and highly enjoyed the interaction with the mentor. Clear delivery and applicable techniques.”
- Training Attendant

*The feedback above has been taken from our NPS satisfaction survey.

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