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Top reasons to have an Academy programme in your Agency

The sharp demand for recruiting services has led to what industry veteran Jeremy Eskenazi, Managing Principal at Riviera Advisors, calls "the Golden Age of Talent Acquisition."

Job listings for recruiters tripled between January 2019 and January 2022, outpacing growth in the job market overall, according to data from LinkedIn. And many recruiters who lost their jobs during the pandemic or quit the industry, have pivoted to other roles during the pandemic, which has contributed to the shortage.

So YOU need new blood in your agency. Hiring nowadays is a hustle, even if you are a recruitment expert. Hiring “the right people” one by one OR hiring for the sake of hiring and waiting to see “who survives” the probation period, will not work anymore.

More and more agencies have adopted the traditional approach of creating internal Academies, but the bar must be raised and adapted to the new era.

There are obvious benefits for new recruits to join an Academy: a solid onboarding, a faster feeling of belonging, appealing incentives, and of course training - which gives them the right tools to meet expectations.

But what are the benefits of an Academy for a Recruitment Agency?

You only focus on Soft Skills during the selection process, which many times tends to be left behind when interviewing Recruiters, only to realize that you are stuck with someone who is great at their job but not a company fit at all. Turn the idea around: now, you can make people who are a good fit, good at their job.

You can automate the onboarding, even from the selection process. Prebook interview dates, starting days, welcoming sessions, training times, will not only be saving yourself headaches but making your new starters feel appreciated.

STOP suffering from talent shortage, create the talent.

Many agencies choose to use their experienced recruiters as “mentors” to beginners, and while this is a great initiative, it is not enough. Mentoring and Training are two different things:

  • Mentoring: The act or process of helping and guiding another person to support their development.

  • Training: Teaching any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

So, if your Seniors are investing their time into showing newbies the ropes of the job, you are not doing any favours to any of the parts involved: if the training is done properly their performance will be compromised and if not done properly, you will create frustration to the unattended new starters - who will lack a fair chance to succeed.

All things considered, what happens when you want to expand? hiring for a role you don't yet have, hiring to launch a new market, a new specialism or a new desk? where would the expertise come from to train your recently arrived staff?

Our 6 weeks Academy program does just that.

Give us your newbies and we will return them fully equipped to succeed.

Get in touch with our lovely Growth Partner Camille Haddjeri to book your first Academy.



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