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Here we are, it is official!!

TRech International is now live and we could not be more excited to share our story and mission with the World.

For a while, the three of us had been discussing about creating something together in the future. We are ex colleagues who share values and work ethics, who are full of passion and dedication for what we do, who empower each other and the rest to succeed, so it truly did not make any sense to wait any longer, the future is now.

Our business model, grows from observing the challenges in the Technology Recruitment sector for years, our exposure to it and acquired knowledge during our careers, gives us the head start to offer a range of solutions that we believe will unlock everyone’s recruitment potential, by acting as a pillar in fixing the gaps in the industry.

How do we plan to do it, and what should you expect from TRech’s services?

Every company has their growth at stake due to the available Talent vs the High Demand.

Increasingly for the past years, the need for Talent Acquisition Specialists and Tech Recruiters have skyrocketed, making the current climate unsustainable. How could we tackle the high demand of Tech professionals with a lack of professionals to attract them?

Our aim is to cater for all parties involved in Recruitment activities. We want to work alongside Companies, Agencies, and Individuals to help them develop and improve skills, processes, quality, maximizing performance and ROI. As well as attracting young generations into this craft.

Below you will find a brief overview of the programs we have designed:

TRech Academy:

Designed exclusively for Recruitment Agencies, our training program is ideal for your new hires. We make it part of your

On-Boarding experience, and will enable your business to accelerate the performance of your latest hires, saving the cost of an internal L&D Structure, making sure the productivity of your Senior Recruiters is not affected by being involved in the training of rookies. Overall contributing to a more optimal ROI. We take care of everything! Give us your newbies and we will return them fully equipped to be successful.

TRech Upskilling:

This program is designed for Companies & Agencies looking to enrich their employees with new skills, optimize their expertise and their performance. It is statistically proven that employees who receive continuous learning and development are more loyal and perform better.

Own Your TRech:

This service is designed for companies looking to take care of their Tech recruitment lifecycle by themselves. Especially for those without the capacity to hire internal resources to drive the talent attraction and recruitment processes, and companies with lack of budget to externalize their vacancies.

We will coach your Hiring Managers or HR people to OWN their TRech, and we will accompany them during the process of hiring.

TRech Training:

This program is designed for individuals who want to begin a new career in Tech Recruitment.

Immerse yourself in a full training program of LIVE online classes and content access, followed up by an internship experience to obtain your course certificate.

We will also support you to secure a job at the end of the program.

TRech Accelerate:

Our students in the TRech Training program will complete the course with an internship in order to put into practice everything they have learnt.

Be one of our partners and gain access to freshly trained Recruiters who will help you boost your business results. Once you are impressed by their abilities, you will have priority to offer them a permanent place in your firm.

TRech Masterclass:

Our trainers are also experienced speakers, with this format you can add modules of content to your own courses or events.

Ideal for Business Schools, Masters in HR, Bootcamps, Workshops, Conferences or industry events.

What now?

We are open for business so reach out to our Growth Partner for more information, we look forward to shape the future of Technology Recruitment, together.



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