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What have we been up to?

Yes! TRech is one month old 🎉 and during the past few weeks we have been getting ourselves out there attending as many events as we could.

We have seen some old faces and met very interesting new people during these sessions, we would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the warm reception they have given to TRech International.

To sum up, we have created a Reel with some pictures from the events but we wanted to give special mention to:

  • Fomento Tech Barcelona

  • Global M - Diversity and Inclusion

  • Circular Community with Kantox and N26

  • Digital Tonic with Prosperity Digital

  • eLearning Summit 2022, IEB, Madrid

  • AIJEC Emprendedores Cataluña Awards

  • HR Lovers Afterwork with IRB

We look forward to keep on meeting inspiring people, for the next few weeks you can see us around at:

*By clicking on the event you can register - if you have not done it already!*

If you are attending any other interesting sessions, share them with us! Also, feel free to connect with us ahead of the events and see you there ✌️

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