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What's to come... for TRech in 2023

It's hard to believe that TRech International has only been a reality for over 3 months now, specially looking at the success of what we have achieved in such a short period of time. It is hard when you are taking off, to have long term visibility and a concise Roadmap as you are constantly adapting, transforming and learning.

But the TRech team has big plans for next year. Growth and development of our services and market presence is at the top of our priorities, but we are already closing on some very cool projects and initiatives, and we are excited to share some teasers with you!


  • 💥 New Solution: very soon we will announce a new solution with an incredible collaboration.

  • 🎓 eLearning Platform: from the beginning of next year, our training will also be available as eLearning to support our live sessions, so that you can have access to our content on demand.

  • 🥂 Series of Events: we are planning a number of interesting events alongside other companies and great speakers.

  • 🌱 Partnerships: currently partnering with great providers and we can't wait to share who they are.

  • 🎙️Our very own Podcast: we had to! and we are very excited about the lineup of guests.

  • 📱TikTokers: we have been making noise on Instagram, but we are designing exclusive content for TikTok.

  • 🏄🏽‍♀️ Life@TRech: you can expect a lot more behind the scenes, and our day to day as entrepreneurs.

  • 🎥 Videos: Our team’s interviews had a great outreach, so next year we will be creating many more videos and audiovisual content.

  • 💻 Blog: we will keep on publishing regular articles about topics that matter in the Recruitment/Hiring Industry.

To stay updated and get notified about all the launches and releases of TRech International, make sure you follow us on Linkedin & Instagram, and don't miss out!

And if you think we should do something that is not on the list above, feel free to share suggestions, here!!

See you in 2023 :)

The TRech Team



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