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Why Business Development Training is a must for agencies in 2023

Historically, we know that Business Development is an essential aspect of running a successful recruitment agency, as it enables agencies to stay ahead of the competition, meet changing market demands, and grow their business.

However, post pandemic agencies experienced a high demand on client needs, with companies even reaching out directly for support without having to proactively approach them. This came hand in hand with a high turnover of experienced Recruiters which left many agencies having to hire rookies that became specialists in attracting candidates for the past 3 years.

Fast Forward to the current economic situation and we are seeing tons of big brands making redundancies, which means that the client portfolio of agencies is being damaged, stuck with a drop on billing results and a low workforce capable of signing new clients.

How do we fix this, how do we go back to having balanced skills in our teams?

It is time to invest in training, it can be scary to talk about investment when the figures are not adding up, but not providing our staff with the right tools to bring the business back up will be a lot more expensive.

It is not the first time that agencies face this challenge and it won't be the last, demands and needs of clients change over time, and recruitment agencies need to stay ahead of these changes to remain relevant and attractive to potential clients.

Due to a high number of enquiries, TRech International has launched an specialized Business Development Training for Recruitment Agencies (perm & contract recruitment) in English & Spanish.

Do not wait until it’s too late and register on the link below to find out more about the dates, content, price and reserve your spot!



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