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From Potential to Performance: The Journey of Success with Our Training Programs

In today's business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires continuous learning and skill development. As professionals and organizations seek ways to enhance their capabilities and achieve their goals, the role of comprehensive and effective training programs becomes increasingly crucial. At TRech International, we have been empowering individuals and organizations through our transformative training programs, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their respective fields.

In this article, we explore success stories and tangible outcomes that our training programs have delivered, showcasing how they have made a measurable impact on the lives of our clients and the growth of their businesses.

Join us on a journey of exploration as we unlock the secrets behind our training programs' ability to drive individuals and organizations towards excellence and success.

  • 94% of employees would consider staying longer in an organization if professional development plans were impletemented.

  • 78% of employees think that training in soft skills should be a must.

  • 68% of employees would move to another company with strong L&D initiatives.

  • 53% of job seekers consider continuous learning a priority for choosing their future company.

  • 28% of new employees would leave in the first 90 days if they don't receive training support.

As you can see on our Website, we deliver training in Leadership, D&I, Recruitment, Talent Attraction, Sales and Soft Skills such communication or time management. Prior to delivering any programme, we do an assessment to understand what the current state of the participants is, and the desired outcome. We take all of that alongside the company's values and internal terminology, in order to create the best learning experience possible and ensure that the participants make the most out of it by being able to apply the content directly into their day to day.

With over 250 hours of training delivered in the past 3 months, we have seen several success cases taking place rapidly.

Leadership Programme: Company was concerned about the motivation and engagement of their teams, having had a poor scoring in a recent employee well being survey. Within 3 months of completing our Leadership Training Program, the Company experienced a remarkable transformation. Leaders honed their communication and decision-making skills, fostering a more collaborative and motivated workforce. As a result, employee engagement soared, productivity peaked and new survey showed an improvement in the well being score.

“Really value that is not another Management course, content is very complete and full of practical cases, the instructor takes time to understand everyone’s challenges and helps you analyse and come up with realistic solutions.”

Academy Programme: Attendee with no prior experience in Sales, signed two clients in their second week of training.

“Thank you SO much for the support over the training… the teachings & insights on the industry has definitely given me direction and a better understanding on how to be more effective in my new job.”

Upskilling Candidate Sourcing & Candidate Management: Attendee who had been in the company for 7 months, but had never placed a candidate. Has now placed 3 candidates in two months.

"This training had everything and more and I am feeling much more competent and confident after completing it. "

Upskilling Business Development: Team of attendees who were struggling to do cold calling and overall lacking of motivation to reach out to prospect clients. Have now taken accountability, change their mindset and gained confidence to execute commercial activities.

“It was great how the trainer adapted to every person in the programme. Bringing valuable examples and support all along, during the sessions and outside if asked. The follow up with the practical exercises and the overall realistic advice was fantastic too.”

Talent Attraction and Retention Upskilling: HR team from a startup, had been struggling for almost a year with attracting and retaining talent. After completing the training, they have managed to improve the quality of their pipeline and change internal processes which reflected in their employee's experience.

“Thanks to their long experience in recruitment, the TRech team provided us with a methodology, advice, and models that were directly applicable throughout our recruitment process. The training allowed us to rethink our internal practises by professionalizing them and making them more efficient, we now feel prepared to attract the best candidates."

D&I Awareness: Company struggling to build a strong culture with hybrid and diverse teams. In just a few weeks of undergoing our Diversity and Inclusion Training Program, the Corporation witnessed a remarkable shift. Employees became more aware of biases, fostered open conversations, and built stronger connections with clients from diverse backgrounds. This newfound culture of inclusivity led to improved sales, enhanced innovation, and a reputation as a company that embraces diversity.

“It was very nice how collaborative it was with time for discussion among our group, the info was easy to understand and examples provided were all helpful for illustrating each point. Also was interesting learning the metrics for each topic we covered”

*all testimonials are collected from our post training satisfaction survey - current NPS of 4,9 out of 5.

The reasons why companies send their employees to our trainings vary from underperformance to external validation, even as a reward for overachievers. But what all them have in common is that they come out of our programmes more equipped, motivated and open minded.

In the future, we look forward to keep on measuring the long term results and impact of our training, and we will make sure that we keep on sharing it with you!




















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